CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 281 AVANA CUSO Tells About Commercial Lending for Credit Unions

Podcast Guest

Two words tell the focus of AVANA CUSO – commercial lending.

You probably like the sound of that and that’s because just about all credit unions want to do more commercial lending but, as many have discovered, this is a niche that demands focused skills to succeed.  

AVANA CUSO has been at this work for decades and it works with hundreds of credit unions who are able to participate in loans, thus reducing risk on any one loan.

On the show is Shivan Perrera, a senior vice president, who tells what AVANA CUSO can do for credit unions. He discusses in detail how AVANA”s process works and -importantly – says that although a few very big credit unions work with AVANA, most are under $1 billion.

He also talks about AVANA’s expansion from a focus on commercial real estate lending to an embrace of a range of commercial loan products.

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