CU 2.0 Podcast Episode  282 Jeff Sharkey on Treasury Management and Your Credit Union

Podcast Guest: Jeff Sharkey

Treasury Management. Quick now, what does it mean at a financial institution?

The honest answer at most credit unions is dunno.  That’s because few have any meaningful treasury management capabilities.

The big banks do.  And they are scooping up businesses and high net worth individuals who want the benefits treasury management delivers.

Which are?  

In a sentence, treasury management is managing a company’s daily cash flow and maximizing the results.

It’s about money in motion to create a return.

And it’s coming to credit unions, thanks to Tru Treasury, a CUSO formed to bring these tools to credit unions, both large and smaller.

On the show today is Jeff Sharkey, a vice president at Tru Treasury.  What he does in the next 40 minutes is demystify treasury management and also put forth a cogent argument about why just about every credit union would benefit from a treasury management program.

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