CU 2.0 Podcast Money Talks Episode 18 with Kirk Kordeleski

Podcast Money Talks

What’s the anxiety level inside the credit union board room? If you’re like me you probably have few conversations with credit union board members and that’s why you want to tune into what Kirk Kordeleski, former CEO at Bethpage Federal Credit Union and now a go-to retirement planning expert for credit union c-suiters, tells us about what’s happening at the board level.

Kordeleski talks with a lot of board members every week, he knows what’s on their minds.  For instance: mergers are probably a hot topic.  Sure, there’s more talk than action but know that just about every credit union is discussing merger right now.

Also up for discussion: AI.  Board members know it’s coming. And they have a lot of thoughts about it, says Kordeleski.

Along the way, we discuss the death of the single SEG credit union and how that demise has triggered broad cultural and business changes in the industry.

Another topic: Kordeleski’s focus on creating good, solid retirement plans for c-suiters at small credit unions.  This isn’t fantasy. It’s coming soon and it will help many credit unions retain their senior talent.

There’s still more in this idea-packed show.

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