CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 300 Rhian Horgan, Silvur, and Today’s Retirement Opportunity for Credit Unions

Podcast Guest Rhian Horgan

Call this an encore performance with powerful, new information. Back on the show is Rhian Horgan, founder and CEO of Silvur, which she bills as retirement all in one place.

As we age suddenly most of us have to deal with complex and, to us, wholly new topics such as Social Security and Medicare, both involving devilishly complex decisions – and a helping hand extended by a credit union would be greatly appreciated by many aging Americans.

Who better to offer this help than a trusted credit union?

What Silvur provides its credit union clients is deep knowledge about the complexities of retirement plus an extensive tool kit that can be made active at a credit union rapidly, no core access required.

On its website Silvur says this about itself: “Silvur partners with financial institutions to offer Americans holistic, personalized education as they navigate retirement. With the data and insights Silvur shares you can unlock $3,000 in annual recurring revenue per member and customer today. We power deeper strategic engagement to capture the retirement wallet. Don’t let today’s $70 trillion retirement opportunity become a $30 trillion wealth transfer risk.”

Face facts: we are deep into a massive retirement wave among Baby Boomers (the oldest now are 78, the youngest are 60). Where many credit unions see big worries, Horgan sees a terrific opportunity for credit unions to meet genuine needs of members.

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