CU 2.0 Podcast, Live from VIP Live Event: Jeter + Butcher on CISOs, Fintechs, Security and Your Credit Union

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Build a fintech from the ground up with security in mind – especially and crucially if the fintech wants to work with credit unions.

That is the one sentence takeaway from this 20 minute conversation with Shane Butcher, director of CISO Services of CUSO Ongoing Operations (and a past CU 2.0 Podcast guest, episode 85), and Gary Jeter, chief technology officer at Trustone Financial Credit Union.

At credit unions – and the federal regulator – security is a non negotiable must have.

Along the way you will also hear about the differences between CIOs and CTOs, where a CISO resides in a credit union (and why), and – listen closely – Jeter tosses out a fascinating idea for a newstyle 21st century safe deposit box that is there for data protection and, he suggests, it just might bring in revenues down the line.

Right there is what made the VIP Live event special – clever ideas just pop up if you are listening for them.

Listen Here

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