CU 2.0 Podcast, Live from VIP Live Event: Ray Crouse on CUSOs and Fintechs

cu 2.0 podcast

Money talks.

Fintechs are hungry for money.

Ray Crouse, CEO of Parsons Federal Credit Union – and a CU 2.0 Podcast veteran (episode link here) – talked in detail at the VIP Live event about how credit unions and fintechs both can harness the money raising ability of CUSOs, credit union service organizations.

Ray, by the way, is also chair of the board of NACUSO, the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations.

Parsons, incidentally, is not a huge credit union. It has assets of around $265 million – but Crouse has found a few million dollars that will get invested in CUSOs.

Why? In this short podcast he tells why he sees CUSOs as crucial to credit unions today, maybe especially today when many are looking for new income sources.

Consider this all you wanted to know about CUSOs and credit unions but didn’t know who to ask.

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