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You know Renee Sattiewhite. She’s CEO of the African American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC), has been a past guest on this podcast (episode 101), she is a co-star in DCUC’s Tony Hernandez’s recent podcast (155) and she is the person to see if you want to know how African Americans are faring in credit union c-suites, in boardrooms, and as they stand in teller lines.

But, lately. in the DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) universe, her interests are broadening and she is pondering how many minorities (Latinos and women for instance) are succeeding in credit unions.

DEI, she says, is not a minute, it’s a movement.  Indeed.  Started amid the despair of last summer – George Floyd RIP – a year into it and the question has to be, what’s been accomplished.  Sattiewhite tells her opinion in this podcast.

Know that progress is getting made. But this is hard, continuing work.

A recent project is CCEP – cross-cultural exchange program – where credit union people are pared with another, typically of a different race, possibly a different gender – for a 90 day dialog.

A talk with Sattiewhite is lively. She laughs.  She mentions people you should know (Pete Crear, Victor Corro — both past CU 2.0 podcast guests by the way).

She also expresses fundamental optimism because, she says, talk with young people (Millennials and Gen X) and “they are not playing around.”  These young people want change and are unprepared to accept less.  For them real racial and gender equality is non negotiable.


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