CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 169 on How Digital Can Be Harnessed to Revolutionize Member Service

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The language on the website is bold: “Our mission is simple: use technology to help financial institutions offer the same exceptional service they are known for in-branch, online. As digital commands a greater share of the customer touch, we are passionate about helping organizations grow and keep the promise of modern service excellence alive.”

Read that again.

For as long as I have been involved with credit unions, I have heard c-suite executives telling us that their differentiator is their people.

And then along came the pandemic.  What difference do your people mean to the member who does not want to set foot in a branch and in fact wants to move the relationship entirely into the digital realm?

How do you deliver first rate member service through digital channels – and know that it can be done and in fact already is being done (think USAA and Chase)?

These are the questions that shape this podcast with the co-founders of, Craig McLaughlin,CEO, and Mark Ryan, chief analytics officer.

Along the way we explore why so many big data projects fizzled into failure at credit unions a decade ago and also why ai – artificial intelligence – is the engine that is reshaping financial services.

And note there are moments to be afraid.  For instance: a generation ago your institution had maybe 10 or 20 competitors. Now it has thousands and many aren’t even credit unions or banks.

That’s not to suggest throwing in the towel. But you will have a fight on your hands.


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