CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 194 Bill Clark Engageware on Digital Trends

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The company name flows much more smoothly off the tongue: Engageware.

Before it had been TimeTrade SilverCloud and that was its name a year ago when CEO Bill Clark guested on this podcast. Now he’s back for an encore.

The company’s business remains helping companies – credit unions very much included – get more member engagement through whatever channel and tools the member chooses to use.

Engagement is critical today. You know that.  That’s also why Bill Clark is a man to talk with because he knows engagement and he also knows that credit union execs are tempted by many new shiny objects but do they deliver?

In last year’s podcast Clark talked at length about the findings in the company’s digital first banking report.

This year he is back with a new report with new findings and some of what you will hear in this podcast will blow your mind.

Such as?  Chew on this: Consumers will stay skeptical. We just aren’t as trusting and believing as we had been and that changes a lot. Including relationships with credit unions. Clark elaborates on that theme in this podcast.

Another finding: 40% of bank customers say they are willing to leave their primary financial institution for digital banking that compares to a great online shopping experience. Do your digital channels measure up against Amazon’s? They better.

35% of bank customers nationwide say it is not easy to find  even simple answers on their banking institutions’s mobile app or website.

You and your peers say digital is the priority in 2022. But what does that mean? Clark talks us through this.

This is a podcast that will refresh what you really know about digital and member engagement.



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