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Credit union and fintech sd-wan from trustgrid and ongoing operations

Our drive to focus on the technologies that drive credit unions forward and increase their market share has a downside:

Sometimes we focus too much on flashy new technologies…

And not enough time on the technologies that enable credit unions to successfully use them.

So, today’s Fintech Friday blog is about Ongoing Operations and Trustgrid. More specifically, it’s about SD-WAN networks and how they allow credit unions to integrate and deploy fintech solutions.


In a Nutshell: Why SD-WAN?

We won’t get into a nuts-and-bolts discussion of MPLS and SD-WAN network architecture. For one, it’s not our strong suit, and for two, it’s already explained very well all over the internet—often in great detail.

Instead, we’ll offer the basics of what SD-WAN provides over MPLS:

  • Improved bandwidth: MPLS networks aren’t built to support high-bandwidth digital traffic. Accommodating high volumes of data on MPLS hurts performance and costs a lot.
  • Consistent connectivity: SD-WAN networks connect through MPLS, internet, and 4G/5G. This provides better connectivity, especially for remote users.
  • Better agility: SD-WAN networks can better prioritize high volumes of data without affecting performance. This makes them far superior for cloud-based applications.
  • Higher security: MPLS networks are very secure… unless there are many outside connections, such as in heavy SaaS environments. SD-WAN networks provide a layer of security between SaaS applications and banking networks, improving overall security and compliance.

As credit unions continue to grow in size and complexity, SD-WAN networks become the clear choice. That they’re cheaper is just an added bonus!


A Case for Managed SD-WAN Networks

Legacy networks aren’t equipped to meet credit union and member technology demands. SD-WAN networks are the only platform that allows credit unions to adopt new technologies quickly, securely, and at scale.

Essentially, to use flashy new technologies, you need a network to support them.

In a way, your network is the foundation for true digital transformation. But there’s one small downside to SD-WAN networks:

SD-WAN networks are more difficult to manage. The improved security, flexibility, and speed require more expertise to maintain.

We believe that, outside of the largest and most well-equipped credit unions, technology maintenance and management is best left to dedicated experts. Your IT team should be focusing on higher-order strategic work.

(And helping staff reset their passwords.)

Which brings us to Ongoing Operations, a CUSO that has helped credit unions with business continuity and IT services for nearly two decades. Ongoing Operations deploys and manages the Trustgrid SD-WAN for credit unions.

Trustgrid’s Zero Trust networking technology is ultra-secure and compliant, even against insider and vendor risks. Couple that with Ongoing Operations’ credit union expertise, and you have a recipe for a network that’s ready for the technology of tomorrow.

There are other SD-WAN providers out there that also provide top-notch solutions. What draws us to Ongoing Operations’ managed Trustgrid is the reduced IT burden, which helps small- and mid-sized credit unions stay as agile and tech-friendly as the nation’s largest.


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