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Is the company name pronounced Datava, Data-va, or, what’s your guess?

Just as the pronunciation of the company’s name may prove slippery for many, so too is it difficult to neatly sum up exactly what Gordon Flammer’s company does.

But I can tell you this: when American Heritage Credit Union worked with Flammer, it grew by $1 billion. Organic growth, Not acquisition.  That has to grab your attention. Here’s a link to a CUBroadcast show about this $1 billion miracle fueled by Flammer’s unique way of looking at credit unions and their data.

Here’s a link to a press release about the same fantastic growth.

His starting point: a lot of software and tech tools sold to credit unions do not do what they are promised to do and, importantly, they do not solve the problem the credit union wants solved.

So Flammer takes a different kind of look at what ails a credit union and he comes up with different kinds of solutions.

Much of what the company works on is creating better sales tools, dashboards, monitors, and so on.  But there’s more in Flammer’s tool box.

Along the way in this podcast Flammer explains why his company is a CUSO – he is a big booster of the format – and he also muses about the plusses and pitfalls of working with venture capitalists. For some – point a finger at Flammer – a CUSO is simply a better path.

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