CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 197 Barb Lowman President CUNA Strategic Services on Credit Union Survival Skills 2022 Edition

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Buckle up, this will be a bumpy ride.

That’s because today’s guest, Barb Lowman, president of CUNA Strategic Services has a huge portfolio of responsibilities – and she need to succeed to keep the credit union sector thriving.

We are in existential times.  Break out your Kierkegaard because, honestly, the future of thousands of small and even mid sized credit unions does not look bright as pressures grow in technology, in regulation, in compliance and you know the lengthening list of issues that credit union CEOs wrestle with.

Lowman’s job as CUNA Strategic Services is to find ways to give credit unions competitive edges and she is looking hard at technology. For instance: how can small credit unions have good, contemporary core systems? We talk about exactly that issue.

We talk a lot more tech too – but know we also talk executive compensation and board recruitment and those are issues that smaller credit unions in particular fight with.

Can you guess the typical CEO retirement package at a small credit union? Listen: Lowman tells us.

And when you hear it you will know why many credit unions struggle to survive when a long serving CEO retires.

Lowman is a lifelong optimist. This is a cheery podcast.

So smile.

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