CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 200 Visions FCU’s Joe Keller on Credit Unions and Digital Assets

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How good a manager are you?

Tell me: do you have a VP of digital assets?

Didn’t think so.

What exactly would such a position do?

Good question.

That’s why you want to pay close attention to this podcast with Joe Keller whose title – drumroll please – is vice president of digital assets at Visions, a $6 billion credit union in upstate New York.

Right, Endicott, New York. Not Cambridge Mass or San Jose Ca.

Endicott. Which is pretty near Binghamton if that helps place it.

Keller, whose background involved big banks, consulting firms, and startups, might have seemed an unlikely credit union hire.

Keller was brought in by Visions CEO Ty Muse.

You’ll hear Keller’s first reaction to the suggestion – then discover what persuaded him that in fact, this was exactly the job he wanted and why getting this right at a credit union genuinely matters.

Incidentally, this show is about way more than Bitcoin.  Lots more.  We are deep into an embrace of digital assets and the institutions that get that now will have a head start.

Keller tells how he plans to help Visions get its head start.

And he also tells what he thinks a credit union’s first steps into digital assets should look like.

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