SEO Optimization Tips for Credit Union Content Marketing

Your credit union competing for more than the best rates on things like mortgages and auto loans. You’re also competing for the top spots on Google’s search engine results page. Reaching the first page is a big deal. Reaching the top three results is incredible.

But your competition is more than just the credit union down the street. Your competition includes big banks and fintechs. They’ve got a lot of money and, probably, a head-start on optimizing SEO for their content.

Your credit union may have the best rates around. But if you’re stuck on the second page of search engine results, there’s a good chance that nobody will realize it. If your credit union uses content marketing, these SEO optimization tips will help you get seen.

SEO Optimization Has Changed

We wrote about the “four Cs of content creation” a while back. But the world of content marketing changes so fast that it’s worth revisiting. Here’s an updated look at what your credit union needs to consider for content marketing and SEO optimization.

Back in the old days of the internet, SEO was easier. You could stuff a bunch of relevant keywords into a short article and then watch it catapult to the first page of Google. Now there are hundreds of different factors that affect visibility.

Some people will tell you that they know the perfect trick to inbound marketing and SEO. They might tell you it’s having the right keywords or a longer article. Sure, those help. They might also tell you it’s all about backlinks, or about including enough images or other media. Or maybe it’s about website performance. Or it’s about page and site traffic.

It’s all of the above.

And it’s enough to make almost anyone tear their hair out trying to learn what to do. Credit union content marketing isn’t for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.

So, what can a credit union do to get their content noticed? Check out the infographic! We’ll explain more about it below.

The Four Cs of Credit Union Content Marketing

Still, some things haven’t changed. At the end of the day, content is king. But that’s not to say that any content is good—it’s not. It has to be relevant, useful, informative content. And it has to use the right keywords.

All the other SEO optimization tips for content marketing aren’t worth a thing if you haven’t targeted the right keywords. Sure, you might rank for something. But will you rank for the right thing? Not without carefully defined keywords, you won’t!

Fortunately, there are four Cs of content that you can follow that will send you in the right direction. These four Cs will help you figure out which keywords you can target to develop marketing content.

Then, you can see what kind of content you’ll need to write around that keyword.

1.    Competition

Your competition is going to shoot for the same keywords as you. See what kind of keywords your competition uses and then target those. For example, if you’re marketing your new low home loan rates, you might consider developing content for “mortgage” or “mortgages.”

However, it’s important not to stop there. Remember to use other words that your members might search for, such as “home” and “loan.” By using other applicable words, you increase your visibility across other search terms your members might use.

2.    Customer

Simply using keywords like “mortgage” probably won’t work on their own. They’re too broad. You’ll have competition from dictionaries, national providers, and Wikipedia.

Keywords like these are called “short tail keywords,” and they anchor your message to the topic(s) you want to market. But your keyword building isn’t complete yet. How would you differentiate your services?

Think about who the customer is and what they want. Modify your keyword by adding qualifiers to filter through the noise. Are your customers first time-home buyer? Are they upsizing? Are they retirement age?

So, instead of targeting “mortgages,” target “first time mortgages.”

3.    Customization

Think about what your credit union can provide that others can’t. Can you approve mortgages faster than anyone else? Are your rates lower? Sometimes, even a generic adjective like “best” will do the trick if it uses common search terminology.

Continue differentiating your content through this kind of customization. “Best first time mortgages” ensures you won’t have to compete against dictionaries and encyclopedias.

4.    Convenience

Another financial institution might have better mortgage rates than you, but that won’t help your member if they’re halfway across the country. Your location is a key differentiator.

Your members will get their mortgage from a convenient place. That means nearby. Add in language that indicates your city, region, state, or community. For example, “best first time mortgages in Maryland” will get noticed a whole lot more by prospective home buyers in Maryland than would “mortgages.”

Creating Good Content for Marketing

The four Cs of credit union content marketing are a great first step toward SEO optimization. But that’s just the beginning. Following the four Cs will help you target eligible prospects by turning “short tail” keywords into “long tail” keywords.

But you still have to create the content. And your content has to deliver on its promise. If your readers want to see the “best first time mortgages in Maryland,” then you need to feature exactly that.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a lot to keep track of in SEO optimization:

  • Backlinks
  • Additional media
  • Page and site views
  • Article length
  • Site speed and safety

And those are just the big ones. There’s a staggering amount to keep track of. Just remember:

Your content should be high quality. It should answer any pertinent questions. It should be honest, trustworthy, and transparent. It should assist your target audience with their needs.

Your content should NOT deceive them. If your content is misleading, people will catch on fast, and they’ll be angry about it. You don’t want that kind of publicity about a product or service that you’re trying to market.

Additional Resources for Credit Union Content Marketing

Content marketing works. It works well. But if you’re just starting out, it can be daunting. Content strategies are complicated, living things.

Sharing content daily can ensure high visibility and engagement. However, creating consistent, useful content is a big job. Here are a few good options for producing content:

Creating the right content for your members will be easier if you follow the four Cs of credit union content marketing. But content marketing can take time. That’s why it’s important to remember to distribute your content across as many channels as possible.

And, if you really want to kick things into high gear, consider using marketing automation tools. Marketing automation gives you better metrics and understanding about how people interact with your content. It can automatically begin nurturing campaigns for interested parties to help you stay top of mind during their search.

Ultimately, marketing automation helps you identify and convert prospects at a higher rate than you otherwise could.

But it all starts with the four Cs. Good luck!

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