CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 215 Robert Johnston CEO of Adlumin on Cyber War and Your Credit Union

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Robert Johnston was a Marine and that is where he honed his skills at waging war in the cyber dimension – and you better believe that is where a lot of warfare now happens, from Russia knocking out ATMs in neighboring countries through nation-state hackers targeting financial institutions, both to fuel widespread anxiety and simply to plunder others’ money.

Johnston has a pedigree at this. He led the investigation into the Russian Intelligence Service breach of the Democratic National Committee in 2016 and before that he worked on the hack of the Joint Chiefs of Staff email in 2015. That is cyber war at its highest levels.

Nowadays Johnston and Adlumin, the company he co-founded and where he serves as CEO, is an active player in helping credit unions in particular bolster their cyber security and that means dealing with everything from Denial of Service Attacks (DDos) through Ransomware, which is today’s flavor of the moment. Along the way, Johnston also works with helping credit unions stay compliant with cybersecurity requirements set out by the regulator and they are voluminous.

It’s a fast-changing field and in this podcast, Johnston gives a glimpse into its challenges and its excitement.

Think of this podcast’s subtitle as Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Cybersecurity But Were Afraid to Ask.

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