CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 216 Chad Heese Chief Lending Officer Rogue Credit Union

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What a difference a year makes.

A year ago the typical credit union was awash in deposits – much of it coming in via stimulus money – and accordingly there was a rush to get that money back out on the streets working. that meant loans.

In mid 2022, the deposit glut is history for most credit unions.

So what happening on the lending side?

Meet Chad Heese, chief lending officer at $3.7 billion Rogue Credit Union in Oregon.  He spends his days pondering how to profitably put Rogue’s cash on hand to work and in this podcast he shares a range of ideas, some quite unconventional.

Heese also recounts how he got started on his career in financial services and he traces it back to a time when he called an HR person at a bank twice weekly for months before he even got an interview.

But when he did get that interview he got the job and now he has almost 20 years of service at credit unions along with a few starter years at banks.  His is an intriguing job history and that’s where we start the show.

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