CU 2.0 Podcast 58: Jeff Bender on Digital First Members, Live from DN Intersect

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Will your superior teller experiences guarantee your future?

Believe that and – probably – you won’t want to hear this podcast on the rise of the digital first member.  That member may occasionally step into a branch but usually they are unhappy. They would rather interact online.

And their numbers are growing.

Smart institutions know this.  A Chase – in its heart – is now a technology company.  Are you?

In this podcast, Jeff Bender – vice president, digital solutions at Diebold Nixdorf – tells about the future of banking as he sees it. And he sees a lot of digital.

Word of advice: bet now on cardless ATM access. That, says Bender, is the next must offer.

Bender also warns about offering a generic, off the peg digital experience. Do all your competitors offer the same mobile banking app as you? Think again if that’s true.  “Find ways to personalize, to differentiate,” says Bender.

And keep thinking digitally. It is the future and it is now.

Listen to Bender here.

This podcast Bender mentions Partners FCU and its digital journey. For my take on Partners FCU, read this.

This podcast is one of a group of four recorded on site at the Diebold Nixdorf DN Intersect conference in Las Vegas, September 2019.

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