CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 62 Lucy Donaldson of Canvas Credit Union on Digital Banking, Live from Finastra Community Markets

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What would it be like to go from being Head, Digital Customer Experience at Lloyds Bank in the United Kingdom – a trillion dollar institution – to being the VP for digital innovation at Colorado-based Canvas Credit Union, with assets around $2.5 billion?

Ask Lucy Donaldson, this week’s guest at the CU 2.0 Podcast. Listen here.

She made exactly that journey and she candidly talks about what a money center bank can do that a credit union usually can’t – but she also talks about the huge advantages a credit union has, from much better agility to strong, genuine community ties.

She’s seen both sides and she says what she likes about credit unions.

A key point Donaldson makes in this podcast is that it’s time to stop talking about a credit union’s digital transformation – and time to accept that has become its business transformation. A credit union is its bits and bytes and knowing that makes the job of plotting institutional success that much easier.

Here’s a related podcast with Tanan Miles of ENT, Colorado’s biggest credit union.

This is one of a half dozen podcasts recorded at Finastra Community Markets in Chicago, October 2019.

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