The Digital Experience: Why You Need to Survey Members

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things in the last few months. Almost all of our shopping and service needs are online now. Members of credit unions are having to rely on digital channels more than ever before. There has been a massive increase in mobile and online banking since the pandemic started.

Finance management during a crisis is always stressful. So, you want to do your best to make using your web and mobile platforms easy and stress-free.

How can you make sure your members are satisfied with what you’re offering?


5 Questions You Can Ask to Find out if Your Members Are Happy with Their Digital Experience

During this ongoing public health crisis, digital banking adoption has risen dramatically. For some credit unions, this might present a problem. Ease of use, convenience, and accessibility are key to member satisfaction when it comes to digital channels.

LiveSurvey—a survey CUSO for credit unions—suggested a few potential questions to ensure that credit unions provide excellent digital experiences for members:

  1. Have you used our mobile and web platforms more often during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  2. Do you prefer to use our mobile app or online channels?
  3. Have you had any problems with mobile banking?
    • If so, what problems have you had?
  4. Have you had any problems with online banking?
    • If so, what problems have you had?
  5. Are there any ways we could improve digital banking for you?

What You’ll Get Out of Those 5 Questions

These answers will follow in the order of the questions above:

  1. You’ll start to understand your numbers. Confirm how many members are going digital. It’ll help you accurately assess how much effort you should shift toward digital channels.
  2. If your members prefer the app to hopping on the computer? You’ll know that you should focus on optimizing the app. If it’s the other way around, focus on web-page navigability and ease of access.
  3. If your members are checking their accounts from a desktop and they say they’re having problems: the “if so, what” question will tell you what you need to fix.
  4. The same goes for mobile access. You’ll find out where your app could improve.
  5. Members know that your digital channels are user-centric when you ask what they think. You’ll gather a lot of useful information here that can be used even beyond our Coronavirus times. People might have ideas about features and access that you wouldn’t have come up with on your own.

How Will Surveying About Digital Banking Help?

The ease of stopping by a local branch and talking to friendly tellers has been put on hold. Your members might be dealing with a whole new way of money management. But for the most part, people rely on mobile and online banking anyway.

Ninety percent of people who use mobile banking would rather use the app than visit a local branch. It’s the way of the times. Apps and webpages are just a thumb swipe or bookmark click away. And those numbers are on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make sure your digital experience is easy and effective. Ask your members for feedback.

While social distancing measures continue, remember to check in. Remind your members that you’re continuing to work to better serve them.


Final Thoughts

The more you ask, the more you’ll know. It might seem obvious, but it’s true that:

  • More data = more change in the right direction
  • More value placed on feedback = more member satisfaction
  • More surveys = more answers.

Find out what your members have to say about your digital banking channels by surveying. You’ll get the answers you need. Read more about LiveSurvey’s approach to digital banking surveys during COVID-19.

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