CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 138 Kirk Drake on Artificial Intelligence and Why You Are Five Years Behind the Leaders

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Start today, really embrace AI – artificial intelligence, where machines think and they are good at it when fed enough of the right data – and, guess what, you are already four or five years behind the leaders and that group includes most of the money center banks and maybe even a few credit unions.

Sounds gloomy? Well, it is, kind of, but CU2.0 founder Kirk Drake is here with a new book, FinAncIal, which aims to tell credit union executives what they need to know about AI and also what they need to get doing, right now. This book is not so much about theory as it is an action manual and, know this, AI is something every credit union needs to be exploring right now.

The good news is that there are many hundreds of AI focused fintechs that are actively hunting for credit union customers.

The better news is that those fintechs can be met through the CU2.0 Mastermind Group.  Drake talks a bit about the CU mastermind in this podcast – and he and a few members exhibit a bit of what it’s like to be in one in this podcast, #121.  An earlier podcast – #106 – lets Drake and executive coach Dr. Patty Ann Tublin talk about what a mastermind group is and how it works.

But back to AI.  The Matrix is now and you can choose the blue pill (blissful ignorance) or the red (confronting the sometimes unpleasant realities ahead ) abut the deal is that AI is the red pill and it is the future no matter how many blue pills you munch.

Why do so many credit union execs want to dodge the unpleasant uncertainties of embracing AI and the wholesale institutional changes it will deliver? We talk about that in this podcast and a lot of it is simply that credit union people are nice people but they sometimes don’t want to dive into changes that will discomfit many.

Except with AI there is no choice. It is coming your way no matter how tightly shut your eyes are.

In the podcast Drake tells why – and what you need to get doing, like this afternoon.

Buckle up, it’s a fast ride.

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