Marketing Automation

More Members Less Work

Engage more members. Build stronger relationships. We’ve partnered with Total Expert to offer a best-in-class Experience Platform. It’s like adding a team—without additional desks.

See how modern credit unions optimize their marketing

The CU 2.0 marketing automation platform

Attract New Members

Build lists, nurture leads, share free guides…

CU 2.0’s marketing automation makes it easy to schedule and track content on your website and social media profiles. Leverage inbound marketing to educate, advise, and build trust with current and prospective members to welcome them into your membership.

Increase Member Engagement

Confirm sales, onboard members, share tips…

Introduce new members to all your credit union has to offer. Put the information and resources they need right at their fingertips with dynamic content distribution. Plus, stay in front of your members by encouraging better spending, saving, and investing habits.

Promote Additional Services

Cross-sell, upsell, and offer new products…

Introduce eligible members to relevant offers and services. Customizable email and content campaigns guide leads through your sales funnels. With CU 2.0’s marketing automation, you can see what your members are looking for— and then help them find it.

“Our ability to attract and nurture leads skyrocketed with CU 2.0’s marketing automation. We increased monthly unique site visits from a dozen to over a thousand. Now I give more demos per month than I did per year.”

– David Deckelmann, CEO LiveSurvey


Marketing automation manages lead follow up while you manage your business

Automation opportunities

The possibilities are countless






“The CU 2.0 team helped us set up the platform, email lists, and automated nurturing sequences very quickly. Plus, consolidating our CRM, email, and form builder into one central location just makes everything easier. The support from their team has been extraordinary.”

– Elliot Cotto, CCO at Best Innovation Group

Every marketing tool you need—and then some

Turn Visitors Into New Members

Dynamic landing pages

Show different messages to different users based on location, behavior, and whether you have an existing relationship.

Visitor ID/behavior

Identify anonymous website visitors, then track their activity to see what motivates them.

Automated email marketing

Trigger compelling email marketing sequences to qualified prospects without lifting a finger.

Custom nurturing campaigns

Send your members targeted content based on their browsing habits, history, and interests.

Personalize Your Messaging

Dynamic list setmentation

Automatically update member segments as members meet certain qualifying criteria.

Buyer personas

Build ideal member profiles to help adjust your marketing for demographics, behavior, and goals.

Tailored email sequences

Guide members through nurturing sequences built specifically to appeal to their needs.

Behavior-based outreach

See how your members digitally interact with your credit union, then customize your
outreach to fit.

Continuously Improve Performance

Campaign tracking

Measure campaign effectiveness and ROI with end-to-end conversion cost vs revenue generation.

Content Scheduling

Manage your blog and social media posts to your digital posts to expand your digital presence and authority.

Lead scoring

Identify and reach out to the hottest leads for your credit union’s products and services.

Reporting & analytics

Monitor marketing performance across all channels, from website visits to email click-through rates.

“There are so many features and integrations that it can be difficult to navigate. Fortunately, CU 2.0’s continued support has helped us stay on track and truly unlock the full potential of our small marketing department."

– Jennifer Oliver, CEO South Bay Credit Union


Put your membership growth on autopilot

CU 2.0’s marketing automation platform seamlessly integrates CRM, social media, email, form building, and other functions into one easy solution. Empower your small department do the work of a large team, automatically.

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